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Infants learn through their five senses, using their hands to explore their surroundings. They develop trust, socialize through smiling and communicate their needs. Physical stimulation consists of sitting, crawling and touching. In our infant classrooms, our teachers provide nurturing outside your home, offering unlimited attention, love and affection for your precious baby.


Toddlers learn and grow by discovering and exploring the world around them. Our Tots program is designed to offer activities that foster learning, language development, sharing, self-help skills, and socialization in a fun atmosphere. We give you a daily report of your little one's developmental milestones and progress. With our new Tadpoles app, we email pictures and videos of your child's activities so you can check in on them during the day.


Intermediates are our older toddlers. The curriculum for our Intermediates Program includes color, shapes, numbers, and sign language. It also includes self-help skills such as potty-training. Parents and teachers work together to achieve success in this area.


Preschool is where socialization and curiosity are fostered to build self confidence and a love for learning. Children are given choices as they work in learning centers, remembering that a child's work is play and that "play is the foundation for learning." Special guests are invited to support our themes throughout the year. We welcome community helpers like our firefighters, canine police unit, search and rescue helicopter unit, veterinarian, and nutritionists, to name a few.


VCA participates in the Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) program, a free program that is funded by the State of Florida for childrenfour years old by September 1st. Our VPK curriculum prepares children for Kindergarten and life-long learning by fostering the social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children with concrete skills gained through experiences with music, art, storytelling, hands-on activities, and teacher-directed lessons. We focus on mastering fine and gross motor skills, understanding key concepts like “more and less,” “beside and between,” reading, writing, letters, numbers, sign language, Spanish as a foreign language, and more! A high percentage of our VPK graduates boast an elementary school reading level by Kindergarten.

Viera Children's Academy VPK Program Advantages:

  • A Kindergarten-readiness program that ensures our children have an easy transition to elementary school.
  • Lesson Plans incorporate science, technology, mathematics, reading comprehension, and writing.
  • VPK Teachers plan achievement goals and manage skill assessments to help the children hone their new skills and deepen their understanding of the lesson concepts.
  • Wraparound Program accommodates working parents and enforces the Reading, Math, Science, and Social Skills learned in the classroom.

Enrichment Program

Viera Children's Academy offers a variety of educational Enrichment Programs for your child! These Enrichment Programs have been carefully chosen to provide an enriching experience, exposing them to amazing benefits that will extend into the early school grade levels and beyond.
Soccer Shots
VCA offers Soccer Shots to children 2-5! Soccer Shots is the national leader in youth soccer development. There programs available based on your child's age and development level. The eight week season starts in January. The cost is $80 for the entire season and an instructor will come to VCA to work with your child.
Sarz Program
Our Starz Program Dance class is co-ed for ages 3-5. Children are taught progressive dance skills and introduced to gymnastics and creative movement which is all designed to provide students with coordination, balance, flexibility and rhythm. Watch as your childs accomplishments build confidence and self-esteem throughout the year and enjoy the excitement at our end of the year recital.

VCA Boot Camp

VCA offers BOOT CAMP for those children getting ready to enter the public school system. The summer before entering kindergarten we help give them the boot with a recap of all the needed skills and learning to help them achieve kindergarten readiness. Giving them the extra boost to make sure they succeed.

Summer Program

VCA's Fun in the Sun is the best! Our weekly themes provide engaging, enriching fun with something for every child. Summer Camp activities include new Breakout Camps (Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Science Adventures, Soccer Shots, and more!) Read the following partial list of included programs, and click to download the PDF below to learn more about the Summer Camp Internationale:

Reading Program

Reading Program A memorable quote by Sir Francis Bacon is: "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." Reading is an important pathway to learning, and Viera Children's Academy (VCA) puts reading first on our list of priorities for learning in VPK. Our Early Phonics reading program fosters a love of reading and a healthy respect for the power of books. We encourage parent participation in reading a book a day with their child. We also welcome parents and grandparents as volunteers to read in the classroom.

Creative Curriculum® VCA implements Creative Curriculum® which is the country's leading assessment, program planning, and reporting system for children from birth to 5 years of age. Click www.creativecurriculum.net to learn more about Creative Curriculum®.

Foreign Language

Spanish and Sign Language graphic

Young children absorb knowledge like sponges. It is proven that a child under 12 can grasp a foreign language easier than most adults.

At VCA, our children are exposed to both Spanish and American Sign Language. Our talented staff includes teachers who speak fluent Spanish and use American Sign Language as part of the curriculum in the classrooms.